Facebook Introduces a Messenger Plugin for Business Websites

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform yet and it is growing larger every day with more new users. So it is the ideal platform for most business to showcase their products or services. And with facebook messenger, you can easily talk to your customers and prospects from your Facebook business page. Now Facebook is introducing plugin for that very messenger to be used on business websites. This means, your customers can directly chat with you on Facebook messenger from your website without having to go to their Facebook page.

Benefits to customer

Customers will have the option to talk with you via Facebook messenger on your website and even place orders and make payments from within the messenger. So this eliminates the need to create a separate account on your website. And since messenger saves the conversation, customers can switch to other devices and continue the conversation from there. So all chat messages will be saved from day one and you or your customers can refer back to check for any information. They can even like an info and it will be visible on their Facebook page.

Benefits to businesses

As a business, you will be connected to a wide network of people on Facebook and through the messenger, you can enhance the visibility of your website to those people. Since your customers can like any information from messenger plugin, your website is marketed to others indirectly. You will be able to send notifications of any new product that you launch and instantly chat with your existing customers about it. This works more effectively than email or SMS notifications as they are most likely to be ignored. And when you notify your customers via email, there are bright chances that it gets lost in the chain. But that is not the case with the messenger as you will be able to personally get hold of each customer and answer any queries on a real-time basis.

No need for separate account

Once you login to messenger on the website, you need not create another account to make transactions on that website. This helps you eliminate the lengthy process of entering all the information as the messenger has your info from Facebook. You will be able to go to the Facebook page of that website directly from the messenger too. There will be several developments to this plugin in the future and it will replace most other communication features on a website. You can even expect marketing of your products via this messenger in the future.